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Dhamma Giri

A Naturally Endowed Hill Station With Serene And Tranquil Ambience

Where the mornings are greeted by magnificent sunrise, where the sky is painted with hues of gold, orange & yellow, where the grass is wet with morning dews, and the lands are packed with green nature- Igatpuri is one of the most interesting and challenging regions of the Sahyadris. Located in Nasik District, Igatpuri is 135 km north-east of Mumbai. Being located at an altitude of about 1900 feet, the place is relatively cool and quiet than other places/hill stations in the district.

The actual beauty of Igatpuri can be seen during monsoon, when the hills wear a washed, green look and the waterfalls are at their majestic best. These cascading waterfalls, majestic hills and old forts are the major attractions of Igatpuri.

Places To See

Dhamma Giri

Situated in the heart of Igatpuri, it is the first centre of Vipassana meditation (a Buddhist style of meditation) in India. Dhamma Giri, basically a ‘math’ (house of saints), offers a complete course in the age-old traditional art of meditation. The follower at Dhamma Giri is made capable to communicate with his inner-self.

Tringalwadi Fort

The fort is situated behind the Mahindra Company in Igatpuri. This 3000 feet high fort offers splendid views of the mountain range from Kumpan to Kalsubai, and the peaks of Utvad and Harihar. A small Hanuman Temple can also be spotted near the fort.

Bhatsa River Valley

This Valley is located between Igatpuri town and the Thal Ghat. The entire valley is covered with dense trees.

Camel Valley

Quite close to the Bhatsa River Valley, lies the camel valley that is known for a spectacular waterfall formed by the rain waters. Cascading from a height of 1000 feet, this waterfall is the prime attraction of the valley.

Ghatandevi Temple

Dedicated to the Goddess of the Ghats, this temple is situated at the entrance of Igatpuri, after crossing the camel Valley. The famous Tringalwadi Fort, and the majestic mountains of Durvar Utvad, Trimak and Harihar stand behind the temple.

The Five Waterfalls

Walking on a rough road from the Ghatandevi Temple, one reaches the railway line, where lie the five spell-binding waterfalls one below the other. Rainy season is the best time to visit these waterfalls.

Best Time To Visit

Mostly people visit Igatpuri in the months of June to February. Igatpuri experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoons, so this time is suitable for those who enjoy the rainy season.

Adventure Activities

The high peaks at Igatpuri provide wonderful opportunities for rock climbing, trekking and cycling.


There are a number of cottages and hill resorts at Igatpuri which offer marvellous views of the entire valley and nearby peaks. Most of these cottages/hotels are privately owned, but are available at very reasonable prices.

Getting There

It takes about three and a half hours to reach Igatpuri from Mumbai (135 km) by road (via NH-3 to over Kasara Ghats). Igatpuri Railway Station is on the on the Mumbai-Nasik railway route. Therefore, commuting is not a problem.

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